We are a team of professional speech and language therapists. We specialize in a wide range of speech, language and swallowing disorders for both adults and children. We have a passion for people and their quality of life.

Who we are as a practice

Stephanie Wainwright Speech Therapists is well established in the Constantiaberg area. We consult from our rooms on Kendal Road; at Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic and at various schools in the area. Speech Therapy is our passion and our patients will always come first. We work in a multi-disciplinary setting and understand the importance of addressing the patient holistically.

What is Speech Therapy?

As Speech Therapists we work with patients that experience communication impairments in any form. We also work with patients who have difficulty in swallowing. This could be as a result of a stroke; developmental disorders in children or any other number of causes. We provide support for the patient and their families and will do our best to help you find answers to your questions. For more information on specific conditions please explore this sight further or contact us.